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I am a student of Penn Foster.I was accused cheating,because I progressed through the program rapidly.I am fifty-two years old and have worked countless hours for the last five months on my program,to obtain my high school diploma.I was six test away from completing the program when I recieved a letter in the mail stating that disiplinary action would be taken against me. Penn Foster requested that I write a letter explaining how I progessed through the program rapidly.

I recieved a email that additional testing would be required.I am completing the aditional testing now.Penn Foster is considering these test as make-up exams with the highest obtainable grade a 70%.I had an average of over 90%,but with this testing considered as make-up examinations my average will be only 70%. I thought this program was work at your own pace.

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That’s BS..I decided I didn’t want to be in my feild of work any longer. So I enrolled and not working right now.

I download the material because it’s easier on my eyes and I can highlight/ make notes. I have went through 30 tests in 2.5 months. (Still a lot to go...) My goal is 6-7 months from start date. Now I’m worried they will say this...

To the rude person that made comments about grammar. Just because you put a comma (more than one at that) doesn’t make you right..


I am a student also and I been moving pretty fast because I don't study what I already learned from when I was in high school...Some stuff I won't remember and I'll score low on but in the make up exams I'll do a lot better because I went back to read...they told me I was moving pretty quickly and too stay encouraged but never said I was cheating lol so I can't see why they would think you were cheating unless you really were...


Can you just take the exams and skip the other stuff

to Chris #1570720

No they will make you do them before graduation


Wow very discouraging


I hope things work out for you as I am also enrolled. I usually study during the week as I work all weekend. Sometimes I sneak a little bit in at work.


Penn foster sucks..im a licensed electrician for over 30 years..my current job is requiring i take the electrical course. Its ridiculous and a waste of my time..the test is outdated and a joke..i breeze through and they say im cheating..

to Anonymous #1569257

Same here..master licensed electrician for 35 years..civil service is maling me take industrial electrician course..biggest waste of time and money and the questions are not precise or clear. I work in a power plant i need to know a mobile bome disconnect has to be 30 ft away...really???

to Anonymous #1602593

Wanna help me out I’m talking residential electrician from penn foster! Not I’m dealing with NEC codes an I don’t even have a NEC book lol an all the reading material don’t even match the test ?s!!


About how many tests can I take a day before they accuse me of cheating? I'm super fast but don't want to blow through it and get kicked out.

to Colton #1518930

you can take 15 test a week, but once you reach about 10-12 test they say you're moving to fast i recommend to do about 10 test a week


I've read this and i honestly a little concerned that i will be accused of cheating because i blow threw the sections and exams all because i am a very fast reader. I can go through about three sections in maybe 2 hours...


I am having time to work now because I do not have my kids and now they are telling me I’m moving to fast for my exams. So are they telling me to slow down? I’m so confused some of this is not new to me I only had issues with science in high school


I received an email as well when I was not working stating I was rapidly moving along in my studies. I just explained to them via email ( and I called them) that I was a Stay-at-home mom so all I would do is print my studies and read them as I went along my day.

They cleared me with no issues. They just want to make sure you are in fact reading the material.

This helps them stay accredited. Hope this helps


Can you just take the exams and skip the other stuff I’m trying to get in the military as fast as I can please reply thank you

to Anonymous #1472530


to Anonymous #1486515

good questio. i was wondering of the same

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1290855

I am a current Penn Foster student, and I would say that you were cheating, as I can see your grammar is really bad. Sorry but that is the way I think.

to Rudy Lula, Georgia, United States #1325611

Well your grammar isn't much better. What are your grades like?

to Sehena #1413101


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