Penn FOster has been around a long time and will go out of there way to help you any way possible and they care about your education its not a scam. Also, as far as payments they abide by the rules of what is supposed to be done with them and you could pay by check or money order not just creidt card.

That's all I have to say. No school can certify you so it is a good idea before caslling in to check with your state cert.

board. Not to mention the staff our very nice and wiling to help.:)

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Foster Program.

Monetary Loss: $558.

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Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #676146

The high school program is 1400 about but will depend on grade and transcript review. As for college anyone who thinks one price no.

This is because you pay per semester like a college. The only programs with one set rate are the certificate and career diplomas.

My advice with the high school program if you plan on going to college ask some colleges if they except the Penn Foster high school diploma. Penn Foster gives great service and the clients come first.


well to everyone who is considering Penn Foster College i am a student and it has been great, the only problem i have is they seem to make you think tuition is one price and when you think you have finished they will send you another reenrollment form with a higher tuition,they seem to be doing a little false advertising to get people to sign up.


I am a travel agent and have been seillng vacations for 30 years.There are 2 types (actually more, but 2 important types) of insurance.One is trip cancellation and interruption. This is the one I sell most of the time because it covers EVERYTHING pre and post departure.

If an airline or tour operator goes bankrupt, if your hous burns down and you need to cancel before, if someone gets sick or dies, if a terrorist hits, you can get your money back on non refundable packages.This also includes post departure (you can purchase post alone).Post meansMedical coverage up to 50000.00 (that your insurance may not cover in a different country)If you need to be flown home for an emergency (either you or a family member) it pays forunused days of your trip (cost of hotels paid for and any other expences)The flight back to you origination is covered if you have to return early or reroute from somewhere other than where your ticket was ticketed from. Could be a lot of money on this alone.There are dozens of additional things that are covered by a good insurance carrier. I suggest you ask your local travel agent for more information. Travel Insured is who I use, but many agencies use Travel Guard.

I have used Travel Insured for 30 years, and have nothing negative to say.PS I do not accept business from this site. I suggest you contact a local travel agency.

Your trip is a very important item that you have saved for. The cost of insurance is minimal to protect yourself.


iam a student now i enjoy it because iam 24 yeears ole i have all ready pre enrolled in to a colledge were i will become a lpn im married with 2 kids and it works out well for me if u are determined with the work and dont be lazy it will be a brezzy it is a challenge for me because i have a lot going on like work school husband and kids but to some one who have much time ob there hands this will be a brezzy and if u need help some one will help youh alone the way they are veery very nice ppl


Hi; We are thinking of enrolling our son on the motorcycle repair technician course. Has anyone had good/bad reviews.


I agree steve any place loves interest and adding charges:)


Excellent comment about Penn Foster. I just saw they even accept Paypal now too. Theres not many places people can earn an education without having to pay interest on the payments too.

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