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Update by user Feb 08, 2017

They don't do anything to help any situation. Don't give any money to this school. It's a scam and I hope they get sued one day!!

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2017

I was in the pharmtech program..took it seriously cause it was good.

I am a 27 year old female with Multiple Sclerosis, just got out of hospital after 2 weeks. Lost vision in one eye and definitely cant afford this course anymore. I understand the policy but i did not ask for Multiple Sclerosis nor all the problems that come with it. I was diagnosed with the second stage of MS and can no longer work that physically anymore.

This school is so inconsiderate and money machines. Dont go to them... dont waste your time. I had an *** on the line and he had no sympathy for what im going through.

I cant afford it, my health comes first and so does my 5 year old daughter.

Now i gotta worry about my *** credit due to this school.Beyond frustrated.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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I understand that you are frustrated and upset that support didn't show any empathy for your situation, but when you signed up for school you signed a contract agreeing to pay for the course.They have a policy in place and can be easily found on their website.

It may be worth it to call them again and see what can be done. Not all representatives are the same. It's not supports fault that they cannot reimburse you for money that you paid. It's not their fault that they cannot just cancel your payments.

If they cancelled your payments and ignored their policies for you then they would have to do it for everyone. That would be like calling your credit card company and saying that you can't pay your bill and to please stop billing because you can no longer work. You used the service and, like it or not, they have a right to the finances necessary to cover the cost of what was used. I think it's horrible what has happened to you and I will pray for you and your daughter.

I see where you are coming from, but I also see the business side of it too.Best of luck.

Canton, Ohio, United States #1294860

You signed a contract so i guess thats how it goes,,

Houston, Texas, United States #1283619

That's horrible!!! Thanks for sharing

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