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This school is "nationally" accredited. I spent 3 years of my life receiving Penn Foster packages in the mail and dutifully completing them under the assumption that once I received their diploma I would be able to attend the college of my choice. I "graduated" with good scores and managed to get an above-average ACT score (no thanks to Penn, by the way, I had to allot much more time than should have been necessary to study and prepare) but was turned down by every college in my state.

I wasn't told this 3 years ago, but apparently most colleges in the United States don't accept high school diplomas from "nationally" accredited schools, only schools which are "regionally" accredited. Why this wasn't conveyed to me in any form when I began taking Penn courses is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps I should have done more research back when I was 16 and my largest, overarching concern was what Playstation video game I would be purchasing with my allowance.

Now, as my only alternative, I'm having to take the GED to attend college. Sitting next to me on my desk is a diploma I spent 3 years of my young life attaining and next to that is a piece of paper I've written the GED testing center's number on. The irony in this image is almost laughable. The GED is a test I could have taken right out of middle school, effectively skipping years of Penn Foster's strangely phrased questions and confusing leaps in logic, and rendering all the tuition and time spent filling out those nonsense booklets completely moot. Penn Foster is a crock of ***, and as far as I'm concerned, a complete scam.

An amusing anecdote: In one Penn Foster history booklet I received, a question was posed asking what nation attacked the United States on September 11th, 2001. The multiple choice answers were Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and some other nation I can't remember at the moment. At 15 I realized this question was completely idiotic, as it simply wasn't a nation that attacked us that day, but rather a group of religious extremists. Knowing this gave me pause, but since most of the attackers were FROM Saudi Arabia, I gave Penn Foster the benefit of the doubt and chose the third possible answer. When I submitted this question to their terribly constructed website, I was amazed to find my answer to this question marked incorrectly. The correct answer, according to Penn Foster, was Iraq.

Do not attend this school.


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Penn Foster List of Institutions that Have Accepted Their Credits

Interesting list: http://www.pennfostercollege.edu/transfer-credit.html

Listed below are some of the institutions that have accepted Penn Foster College credits according to our recent survey:

American Intercontinental University

American Military University

American Public University Ashworth University Augusta Technical College Bellevue University Berkeley College California Coast College Central Pennsylvania College Clara County Community College Cochise College College of Southern Maryland Columbia College Columbia Southern University Community College of the Air Force Edinboro University Excelsior College Florida State University Franklin University Georgia Southern Johnson State College Kaplan University Kennedy Western University Madison University Mansfield University of Pennsylvania Montgomery Community College Mountain State University Ottawa University Peru State College Saint Joseph's College Southwest University St. Andrews Presbyterian College St. Leo University Thomas Edison Trinity International University Troy University TUI University University of Charleston University of Maryland University of Missouri University of Oklahoma University of Phoenix Western Governors University


Colleges don’t accept high school diplomas, they accept students.The transcript (a document listing all courses taken and the year-end grades for each, honors notations, etc.) is part of a package a student sends in the application.

The packet also includes: a resume, the student’s personal essay, teacher recommendations, a letter from the school (the “profile”), and various other pieces of information.

A diploma is simply a paper stating that a student has successfully completed the full course of study at a particular school.

It often comes in a nice cover.It is not sent or shown to colleges; that’s what the transcript is for.

My recommendation is to find a good college counselor or guidance counselor who can help you through the process.


regionally and nationlly acredited.....

To illuminate the confusion of where the middles states association operate from, see below.

Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. 215-662-5603 www.msa-cess.org.


This school is regionally and nationally accredited and it's HS Diploma is accepted my many great universities, technical colleges and community colleges as well as 99% of all employees across the US.


I am a Yale graduate who was accepted with a Penn Foster High School Diploma and a great big smile.Do not believe everything you read or hear.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups my friends. Don't assume and then samefully record your assumptions as facts.

Do your reseach.Penn Foster High School is a highly rated, fully accredited, hybrid online school; recognize by the US Government Education Department and the Higher Education Commision as a regional and national leader in high school education.


Penn Foster High School is registered under Penn Foster College. Check the US Department of Education you will find that Penn Foster College is completely legit and fully accredited.


Penn Foster High School Diploma is accepted by Ivy League Pen State University ie: The University of Pennsylvania and many other great universities.


Penn Foster High School is both regionally accredited and nationally accepted.


Does anyone know if University of Houston accepts Pennfoster diplomas..? If not, I plan on scheduling an appointment with one of their counselors or asking via email or phone call.


Do Any Colleges in Kansas City Missiouri Accept PF highschool diploma please let me know before i even start the program

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