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I would like to say that Penn Foster is not a school or College for anyone.

The people at Penn Foster are uneducated and liars, cons, scam artist, they are very good at what they do.

after reading about some of these complaints ive decided to go back and get my G.E.D I passed in a month. the costs was waived and it was 0 dollars.

these people are *** artist and are very good at what they do.

BEWARE!! go to a real college and get the education you are worth. I once asked if they did pell grants or grants at all. they responded well yes ! of course we will take them if it pertains to "them" not the student . good luck and remember you are far more worth ***. get the degree you well deserve!

Review about: Penn Foster Program.

Monetary Loss: $1.


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It states clearly on their website that they cannot offer federal financial assistance. (which includes grants)


I obtained my high school diploma from penn foster in May of 2012, and I am happy to say that I now go to a real university, one that allows me to use the pell grant.I am a military spouse and obtained my high school diploma while my husband was deployed, the only PROBLEM I had through my entire time with Penn Foster was on one occasion my account was locked because I did not PAY THEM, so to everyone who says of they screwed me out of my money, there are a few reasons this could happen, ONE you failed your exams after several attempts, TWO you did not pay your tuition or THREE after you did not read your contract and signed it anyway YOU changed your mind and did not want to go to PF.....

so it's time to buck up and take a bit of ownership for your own MISTAKES....PF keeps very good financial records that you are able to access 24/7 again the only problem I have every had is when I DID NOT PAY!

to lew lew #1393851

I agree strongly with your post I overpaid them and they did reimburse me


i just joined penn foster and im enjoying it no problems here


i just joined not to long ago and i have no problems im jeting my books and everything. :)


I did obtain my GED through my State and I am now enrolled with Penn Foster.I have nothing but positive reviews about this school.

They are helpful,prompt, answer any concerns about my course,my study manuals are on time and I love the convienence of the school. To all the cynics,maybe you just want someone to give you a "free education". If you would enroll in a 4 yr university;I am sure you will be in debt up to your eyeballs and wonder what you will put your degree to use at? This school is for the people who wants to get an education without all the paperwork or financial aspects of the university.

I know my diploma program is transferable, as I talked to someone in Student Services. Once I am done, I am going to apply that and go into nursing. Don't always read what these "cynics" has to say.

They obviously are angry because they want a "free education".Everything in life isn't always free and if you enrolled and decide later that this program is not for you, it is your fault for signing up and not reviewing information in regards to Penn Foster.


I enjoy Penn Foster. No complaints here.


If they are a scam How did I get my stuff, and making it in my career of P.I.i say yall bunch of whiners and quiters trying to get some free education.

Or other schools trying to tarnish a good thing..

to the ten dollar guy you are full of it the first down is 40 bucks...

To BCM thats not good to say about people becuase you Signed thier contract..

If you think education is free try iggnorance oh wait alot of your have done that


I turned this Thomson Education direct aka Penn Foster in to the BBB.Guess what they did nothing to help me. Penn Foster must have payed the BBB off .They are also a scam.As long as you pay the BBB money they will give this Bogus business all A+.Sad but true.


i worked for a world wide corp .They were all suppose to be educated , smart ,friendly, nice people.there nothing bunch a back stabbing ***, retard , mentally challenged , low life scumm baggs , whats the difference,?

the whole world is getting like whats your point ?

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