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I signed up with Penn Foster in August of 2016. I have a lesson average of 91%.

I got through 3 of my classes in 1 day because I honestly had nothing better to do. I have read some reviews on here and other forums about Penn Foster giving them *** for going through courses so quickly. I have read that a good amount of people were sent letters that were accusing them of cheating because they were either a) working too quickly or b) their grades were too good. With a 91% lesson average, I am now worried that I will be sent one of those letters the closer I get to completing my diploma.

Has anyone else had this issue? Have you stayed ahead of the study planner with high grades and still been fine?

I'm just not sure what to expect if something like this does happen. I would hate to have done all of this work and spent over $1,200; just to not get my diploma.

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I'm worried as well. I'm not working right now so I want to do this full time and as quickly as possible as it's holding me back from something else.

I'm afraid to start because I've read people accused of cheating because they went to fast. But when I talk with them on the phone they say people complete the High School course as little as 3 months.

But are thoughs people getting accused of cheating? What do I do??

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