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I finished to about 82% before the EXAM ALERT popped up and it said "You’re finishing exams rather quickly. Remember to complete all lesson readings and self-checks.

Please refer to our academic integrity policy." It kinda scared me which is why I looked this up. And I'm glad I did, because I don't want to lose this opportunity to graduate. Especially with how much it costs. And I am definitely NOT cheating.

A lot of these questions are super easy, stuff I learned way back in elementary or middle school. PLUS, I thought this was a work at your own pace? The percentage of my completed work doesn't show anymore. I was in the hospital for a week.

I was admitted a few days after Christmas and got discharged on the 2nd of January, so I could have gotten a lot done within that period of time. I tried catching up, just spent more time than I usually would. I'm 21 years old, made a bad decision dropping out when I was young, and all I'm trying to do is graduate so that I can get a REAL job; be where I am suppose to be. I tried to call the school, and OF COURSE, the office is closed.

If I give it a day or two, will it start to let me take the tests again? I really need my diploma as soon as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Foster Program.

Reason of review: I thought this was a work at your own pace program, but it is telling me I'm going through the exams too quickly..

Preferred solution: I want the option to be able to re-take tests I have failed or just want a higher grade on, and to not be told I'm working through my tests too quickly. Because a lot of these questions are too simple to even be at a high school level..

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I feel like I'm part of the reason they adjusted the rules. I started penn foster 2014 finished a module per day for a week straight before getting slowed by the fact that I had to wait for my books, after that I paced myself in order to participate in a traveling sport which wouldn't be possible if I graduated (I was 14 and ticked that they required I still be attending HS for something that began with the word 'Teen').

I did hardly any work (less than a mod per month) for 1y 10m then sprinted to the finish line so I could go to college. I graduated 2016 so I never had the self checks issue.

Also all of my older siblings went through a similar process with different speeds. I know for a fact one of my brothers cheated but he also went really slowly so time isn't a tell.


they wont say you cheated just as long as you don't get that message to often or more than 3 times. you can only due 10 exams a week before you get that message. good luck!


If Penn Foster College tell you that you're completing your coursework too fast, that is just outlandish and i would fight it, legally of course.

Some people are able to as i implemented mine faster than most at associate degree level did not take no *** 2 years. Only 10 months,or lil less, premise on i was able to do it 100% online/and had a very flexible schedule i.e., own biz,so i am able to do it 24hours a day and i did JUST THAT.

with minus 7 hours for a good night sleep,then back up at it 7 days a week 18 hours of 24hrs.a day, so that is not a cheat,that is DETERMINATION. and i am glad i went there too.

Penn Foster College should be accredited,because my degree got me into a great career/professional school(going for next my private investigation certificate to enhance the field i am planning on going into after my next degree not at penn foster.)Good luck.

-If they can't prove some 1 cheat on exam, then they again also must let YOU as told to you first calling "at your own pace"and again i did mine exactly as advertise,my own pace

so fight back(legally that is)and challenge them,get the person name et.al., and have proof of them saying this,then fight it,or speak to a lawyer if warranted."Don't take that mess."It's wrong of them to say "too soon you're finishing."I had all the time in the world to finish A.S.,in Criminal Justice,and i am proud i achieved it as fast as i did,and now i am really on my way in life.(adult educator)between age late 30s mid 40s.Good luck to ya.


I finished all of my math classes in a day. I got the message that I was taking exams too quickly and remember to complete lesson readings and self checks, but never the part where it says to check the academic integrity policy.

I was just on another thread and this man nearly completed everything in about 5 months and they accused him of cheating. I sincerely hope that they don't try to pull this on me. My course is fully paid for too and it would be really disheartening to be accused of such things. I guess those who are accused of cheating have gotten letters in the mail.

Honestly, I like to try and stay ahead of what my planner says so that I don't get too far behind.

It's been awhile since this thread has been posted. Please let me know how it went.

to Anon #1494678

I'm starting to have second thoughts about this school


I have the red warning which means i cant take anymore exams for now.... I hate this! Does anyone know how long it takes to go away so i can get back to work?

Chula Vista, California, United States #1307225

This popped up after I finished my exam "You’re finishing exams rather quickly. Remember to complete all lesson readings and self-checks.

Please refer to our academic integrity policy in your Student Catalog" so does this mean I will be put under review? I always do at least 15 exams or under within the week as stated in their student catalog.

to anonymous Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1315824

i'm experiencing the same thing,but called my instructor and she said it's normal so i guess we're good.


I had this problem with them because yes most of the courses are very simple easy to fly thru and I got to where I couldn't open anymore tests making me upset because I was fixing a mistake I made years before dropping out senior year.. so I was determined to get it done without any delays called them explained that I need them to open the rest and they did this was two or three years ago tho I didn't have to prove anything of how I got it done other than them taking my word I guess.

Sad part of all of this is and can relate to most of life situations, but one person can ruin a good thing for everyone else so if they noticed an increase of people speeding along it only makes sense that people are finding a way to not learn and use Yahoo answers or something to get them by especially if they have perfect scores for everything look at your old high school transcripts notice you did poor in a subject and now some how are a professor of it. Hope I helped or made it more understandable if your having to justify yourself to them.

Mcnary, Arizona, United States #1274963

mine also says the same thing. i try and finish 3 subjects in 1 day to get my diploma quickly. Do you know if they will still give us our diploma?

Orlando, Florida, United States #1273008

I have seen many people complain about this. They may put you on Academic Review, which means they will lock you out of your program and make you provide a written explanation of how and why you finished your lessons so quickly.

Then they will have a committee review your explanation and make a decision.

Your best bet is to slow down and not go any faster than the "accelerated" pace that is set in your study planner. Good luck

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