I have never taken a Penn Foster course although I did ask for info only some time ago.Now I am getting two calls a day from USCB of Scranton Pa which is their collection company.

The bad part is that they are always asking for someone that is not now or ever been in my house nor do I know them,I have indicated several times that I do not or ever have know this individual and to quit calling but I still get the phones calls once or twice a day.How do I get them to quit bugging me.I have reported themn to the Florida Department of Consumer Affirs.


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I didn't realize this was a scam... I totally sent for info and I don't know what to do if they start calling me like crazy. What should I do?


The best thing to do is to send a letter certified to their registered agent or president notifying them that they keep calling the incorrect number, demand that they cease calling you and if they fail to do so they are violating the fair debt collection practices act.

just a note

call them back and call their bluff I know how that is, ive been harrassed by them as well.

I ve told them to back off and I am tired of the *** with them this is not a collection agency .

its the school trying to harrass you and it is against the law to do this.

bbb doesnt care they pay them big money to protect their sorry *** I know ive been there too.

so change your number or call them back and tell them how it is and be blunt these people do not understand english i think lol

they are so useless in what they do, by the way ashworth is also them ! yeah the school keep re inventing itself too.

what does that tell you about them ? tells you they have alot to hide .good luck


File a report with the Better Business Bureau.They are online www.bbb.org.

After you file, BBB sends notice to Penn Foster they have received a complaint and give them the details.

BBB works as a middle man to fix the issue.Currenly, Penn Foster has an A+ rating with BBB and records show that they have a good resolution rate.

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