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I already made a complaint about PennFoster, but I have more to add.I will start at the beginning.

I decided to attend their school at the beginning of the year(2010). After a little more research, I seen a lot of BAD reviews. So I decided to cancel(around mid Feb.)NO PROBLEM. They said I would receive my refund of $59(within 8 weeks) because I cancelled early enough.

Sent emails(to response saying it could take a few days for a reply. So I called. Once again, they told me I would recieve my refund within 8 weeks, but my money would be sent in two checks. I finally recieved my $29 check about 2 weeks ago.

Today, I got a letter in the mail from Penn Foster. My first thought was "Wow, they are actually going to give me the rest of my money." NOPE....IT WAS A BILL FOR $1,382!!! Of course their office is closed now, but tomorrow they are going to hear it. I was going to just let the $30 go, but now I'm going to make sure I get it and they UNDERSTAND that I WILL NOT nor EVER attend their school!!!

My question is...were they just going to keep my other half of my check ($29) that WAS honored by my bank? Just because half wasn't they decided to keep it all?

Although, in all actuality all was honored by my bank.THIS SCHOOL IS A RIP OFF!!!


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I was going to let my so attend the Penn Foster High School Program, but after reading all of the complaint about the company I think NOOOOT.Wow did I dodge a big bullet.


Some of my posting did not show(this should have been in the middle of my posting). After telling me I would get a full refund they then told me I would only get half of my $59 refund because only $29 of it was honored by my bank.N I told them they were full of it because I have the check summary to prove it. I faxed it to them then they told me again it would take 8 weeks...

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