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Go back to elementary school and learn how to write and spell.

Your complaint is so poorly written it's scary. So, because I had but 21 words, I must now come up with 79 more to satisfy the webmaster.

Complainer of Penn Foster's motorcycle repair program: seeing how poorly you spell, your reading skills cannot be far behind. You probably misread fine or bold print and thus screwed yourself.

There are rudimentary Englishes classes taught in every city in this country. How did you graduate from High School, anyway? Nine more words. What more can I say? Loser?

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yeah i no. LOL


I live in marylnd nd just finished for my high school dipolma and ready to take cna clss. maybe its all in where you live.

Beechwood, Mississippi, United States #51438

I think penn foster and it's NOT very well educated bunch of MORONS are a bunch of losers!Why did you all not decide to go to a real college, *** even a community college.

Serves you all right to get scamed by these idiots. It's all about $ they could care less about your education!

Just a piece of my mind.:grin


sup dawg yo what up word

Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #24543

Indeed. Almost there, buddy. You both lose. In any case, Penn Foster is a great school. The staff there is friendly and supportive. They really can change lives.

Remember, there is no such thing as a magic bullet (or testeses, or Oak Screet) when it comes to education.

"Success is largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."

Remember, the U.S. military has them listed in their carrer books, Fortune 500 companies use their studies to train employees, Job Corps., adult rehabilitation institutes, and High Schools and colleges/universities around the nation ALSO refer their clients and students to Penn Foster.

I hate people who whine because they slept through H.S. and find out that they CAN'T make millions without their diploma. Serves you right. Peace.

Qesarya, Hefa, Israel #23810

"Englishes classes"???


Its always amusing when someone creates a post with the specific intention of mocking another poster for their spelling or grammar... And then forgets to proof read their own post.

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