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Sorry for the bad punctuation and grammar errors. I must have been hitting keys I\'m really not a ***!!!

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First I will start off. Back in the early 2000's I went to do the grooming program.

Realized the degree was a joke and hands on experience (JOB) was the way to groom. Start as a bather then groom. I opened my own grooming shop in 2010 with no degree, I was 27 at the time. My real passion is veterinary so I have worked in grooming and veterinary for many years leading up to my business.

I have worked in a emergency vet as a assistant and receptionist. All together I have worked at 3 vets. I love it... my point is all 3 clinics had no affiliation with each other and would never higher a graduate from Penn Foster.

I heard 4 docs in one clinic say this and laughed about it. The other clinics thought the same way, they will always choose experience and a better school online or in person.

SPC(St Petersburg College) online program or fulltime student, CVC (Cedar Valley College) online degree. From personal experience in this field don't waste your money or time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Foster Program.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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@williamsjohn312 you work for the school! Location matches!


animallover3030, My team was simply trying to do their job. We are not here to argue with anyone but to simply protect our school and our name. Our school has been in existence for over 120 years and has one of the best reputations in the distance education market. We care very much about our students and their sucess. Just like any other school or business we get our fair share of complaints. We also have the most students so our proportion of complaints will be higher than other schools. It is the responsibility of the social media team to monitor sites like these to contact any student who has a complaint to see if we can resolve it. Unfortunately sites like these are anonymous and it is difficult for us to connect with those who post complaints. The anonymity of these sites also allows for anyone to post false or misleading information about our school. In regards to any complaints about our Vet Tech program some were about our former program director who was very strict but a very respected, knowledgeable & thorough instructor. Others were made by persons who did not meet our standards for graduation (they are high for AVMA accreditation) Our students work at practicum sites and gain much hands on knowledge. One of our instructors Dr. Pam is a Veterinarian. In reference to the stats you requested, for the VTNE exam, our students have a 100% pass rate. I invite you to join our Facebook community of Vet Tech students on Facebook or our eCampus to speak to actual students about their experience with Penn Foster.

Best regards,

Erin Connors

Social Media Manager


animiallover - you need Jesus.


Really??? Get off already?

Go help the other consumer complaints on here that actually went to your school and think you blow! I bet if you put this much effort in your students you wouldn't have to defend yourself and your great school so much.Your suppose to show higher education yet your arguing with some random Joe.

Great leadership from a great school! Here's what you get students there's your answer which school to go with?

Penn Foster

Again, we are one of only nine AVMA Accredited Online Vet Tech programs which is the highest level of accreditation achievable. Again, we respect your opinion (and your freedom of speech for that matter). However, your post had inaccurate information and we wanted to clarify our position and that is our right as well.


Rebuttle: You have the most online complaints out of any online veterinary school. Veterinarians are credible because they are the one's who hire.

I'm just smart enough to do my research and not be scammed by programs that will not produce job results or instruction with exam results. Question why are you answering my review on pissed consumer so quickly? Shouldn't you be dealing with new enrollments and students or better customer service? I searched other online vet schools in here no complaints like this one.

Instead of writing nonsense, post your statistics on passing the major test and how many were hired with your degree last year? If you disagree why didn't you come back with actual good information. Copy and paste is easy. Certificate is correct my mistake and not even necessary in the grooming world.

Hands on is always your key through the door. You must work at a vet in order to get hired at one with a Veterinary Technology Degree unfortunately less than two years working experience won't work even with a Penn Foster degree. My husband is military and does fight for freedom of speech! I'm using it!

I'm just posting my opinion based off of research and work in this field. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Penn Foster

Penn Foster is happy to see you are succeeding in your professional career and we certainly respect your opinion. However, we need to correct some of your statements.

The Penn Foster Pet Grooming program is a certificate program and not a "degree" as you mentioned. Penn Foster has always maintained the position that "The completion of a certificate-level program does not typically qualify a student for employment. Completion of this program may assist students who have previous academic or work-related experience improve their chances for promotion or entry-level employment."

And you are correct, Pet Grooming positions do not require a degree so we agree with you on this part.

You go on to use your previous experience in a non-degree program to state the opinion of someone else about one of only nine online Vet Tech program's that has achieved the highest level of Accreditation through the AVMA.

Online schooling allows for the education portion of the program to be done from home. This is NOT ideal for everyone and the decision to take an online Vet Tech program should be based on geographical and time constraints that prevent other options.

Students who are serious about their education that do not have another means to obtain a Vet Tech education, succeed in this program. Students are still required to work in the field and learn hands-on as part of the AVMA requirements.

Since you are not a "consumer" of the Vet Tech program, unfortunately you are not able to offer your personal experience relative to your opinion. That being said, we are sorry you feel the way you do and wish you the best in all your future endeavors. It will always be about the animals and not Penn Foster.

to Penn Foster Tampa, Florida, United States #586068

THANK YOU to Penn Foster for standing up to defend some statements that were not posted correctly. The correct information is important, as is the distinction between Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs.

Common sense rules supreme when it comes to spending money on something you can't actually see and feel before you buy it. RESEARCH the programs available - at all schools. KNOW what you are taking, and what you want your ultimate goal to be BEFORE you take the courses.... you will be in a better position to defend yourself if ever it is needed.

I chose PF because of the cost combined with my ultimate goal -- and I could not be happier! I am thrilled with my courses, looking forward to completion of my certificate. My goal is only to use it to reassure my clients (old and new) that I DO know what I am doing (even though I know most of it already, some folks just like to see that you have had formal coursework in your field). I also make it a point to stay updated in my field as well, which helps.

I am now looking forward to completing this one so I can take ANOTHER Penn Foster program that is related to it, and can't hurt me, but only add to my repertoire of services available for my clients.

Thanks again, Penn Foster... YOU ROCK!

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