penn fosters motorcycle repair is ok if ya want to learn about 15 year old jap bikes i dont get why they add in harley mags know wonder they have changed there name so many times an because im dissatified they want me to pay a cansalation fee or ruien my credit they get an a in my book for rip off every add i saw showed a guy eather working on or riding a harley an when i called the school oh yea we have harley repair then when i called to complaien they just had harley matinance at the end its just aplay on words they

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This school has the worst rep and tons of bad online reviews.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1196558

I thought it was a pretty good course.Before you can move onto Harley's you need to learn the basic fundamentals of all motorcycles 2 and 4 stroke.

All major schools that teach Harley Davidson make you take the common core classes (ie basic general motorcycles) and then after you graduate that initial course you move into late model or early model Harley specific.In fact the doctrine this school teaches is the exact same as MMI at UTI written by the same man.


What an illiterate diatribe!


I'm sorry but when people can't spell, I just assume they're ***.


Starting a class action lawsuit against Penn Foster, please contact me at deanna.trihopegroup@gmail.com


Sound like many erroneous comments attacking this person should spell "A+" strangely enough you're not attending Ivy League universities....oh well I guess in your cases your spelling did not give you a foot in the door either. Lets stick to the reason of complaint please :sigh


What does spelling have to do with being an unsatisfied customer? We are all subjects to the "foes" of spelling? Lets stick to the point please and read on?


I agree a person needs to learn how to spell before posting anything on here. Im a motorcycle rider also so i kind of understand but dont come on here sounding ignorant and expect us to feel bad for you. I have a college degree myself but i do manual labor because it goes with what i went to school for.and im a certified plumber, and carpenter, so you can be good in school and still have the ability to fix things.


Anyone have experience in acquiring a good job in catering which is one of the fields Penn Foster offers?


Oh please, no need in ragging the guy because of his spelling!You don't have to be able to spell perfectly to be able to read.

Hes studying motorcycle repair, not studying to be an English Teacher. One persons lack of gifts are made up by another gift. I know how to do alot of things but motorcycle repair isn't one of them lol.. My dad isn't a genious but he can work on cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, computers, basically anything mechanical.

He knows how 2 build houses and work on electrical problems in a house or wire a house, plumbing. My father is a man of many trades and how many of you can say you know how to do all of that? I sure cant and so far I haven't met another man who could.

Anytime me or my hubby need anything worked on we carry it straight to him...Big business men even carry there stuff to my dad because they dont know how to do it themselves..

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